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For Fest 12 (taking place in October/November 2013) Asian Man Records released a split 7” featuring Larry And His Flask and Cobra Skulls. The split was limited to 500 copies, with each band getting 100 copies to sell and the remaining 300 copies going up for sale on Asian Man’s webstore. The Larry And His Flask song is brand new and exclusive to this 7”. I say that because the band has recycled some songs in the past that were on past release and wound up on new releases.

The split sold out online much sooner than I expected, and neither band put up any leftover copies post Fest online, so my lax of late in pre-ordering/buying records almost hurt me with getting this 7”. Fortunately in mid December Asian Man put up about 50 copies for sale in their webstore and I snagged one. All 500 copies of the split are on random colored vinyl, which in this case turned out to be all purple marble. Usually random colored vinyl means a mix of colors throughout the pressing; some red, some blue, some green, etc. But in this case I think Asian Man did not order a specific color and the plant gave them whatever color they had lying around, had an abundance of or whatever would be cheapest for Asian Man in terms of pressing fees.Larry And His Flask - Cobra Skulls Split - Copy


Against Me! – True Trans 7″

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Vinyl

Leading up to the release of Against Me!’s sixth studio album, the band released a 7″ EP (I think EP is pushing it since there are only two songs) featuring two new songs in acoustic form that would later appear on their new album Trans Gender Dysphoria Blues, in non acoustic form. It’s also the first release featuring Laura Jane Grace on vocals and guitar, Inge Johansson on bass and Atom Willard on drums. The a-side is “F*ckMylife666” and the b-side is “True Trans Soul Rebel.”

There are two variants of this 7″, one being a tour exclusive. The tour exclusive is on clear vinyl and limited to 2000 copies. There are also 3000 copies on black, which was widely available.Against Me! - True Trans - Copy

Perma is yet another side project of Say Anything front man Max Bemis. This time it’s with his wife, Sherri Dupree, of Eisley fame. Perma is in the same vein as Two Tongues, Bemis’ other side project, which is with Saves The Day front man Chris Conley.

There were 1,000 copies pressed on mint green vinyl. The mint green has some marbling in it, with hints of white and black. Max’s face is on the a-side with Sherri’s face on the b-side. Two Of A Crime is one of, if not the first release on Bemis’ label, Rory Records.

I Surrender Records has been quiet for quite some time, but in November they released a four-way split featuring lead singers of well-known bands going solo. The split, entitled I Surrender Records Presents Our Voices features Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Chris Conley of Saves The Day and Vinnie Caruana of I Am The Avalanche. The record is single sided, with the b-side featuring an etching of a diamond pattern, which can be found on the cover art. According to the folks at I Surrender, this split will hopefully become a series.

The record was pressed on four different colors, each representing an artist based on the background color from the cover art. There were 500 copies of each color pressed, and they are green, red, blue and grey. Since there are 2000 copies of this split it should be around for quite a while. My local record store has between 10-20 copies of this. No insert is included. One thing of note is that if you buy this record from a brick and mortar store you won’t get a download card/code, only if you buy it online straight from I Surrender Records.

Anthony Green – Young Legs

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Vinyl
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It’s hard to believe this is Anthony Green’s third solo album. The guy hardly ever takes a break; between writing, recording and touring with Circa Survive it’s amazing he has any time for his solo project. Young Legs was released in late 2013, and there was some extravagant pre-order options for it. Of course you could opt for buying just the CD or vinyl version of the album, but there was an option for an extremely limited hand painted cover for the LP that cost a pretty penny, $350. And that was not even the most expensive package to choose from. Seven lucky/moronic people went for the $1000 package, which consisted of the aforementioned hand painted cover, a one hour Skype performance and hand written lyric sheet exclusively for this people who bought this package, a t-shirt and the deluxe edition of the CD version of Young Legs.

The hand painted cover version of the record was limited to 50 copies. Except for the hand painted cover it’s identical to the regular version of the record. There is no exclusive vinyl color or anything like that. All the records come on black vinyl. I believe each hand painted cover was unique, but featured roughly the same design, which looks nothing like the image that accompanied the pre-order bundles for it. The unique part is the colors used to paint the squiqqly design on the left side of the jacket. There is apparently also a “free pass” version of the record where Anthony Green apparently also wrote “guest list for life” on 5 of the hand painted covers, though I don’t know of anyone who actually has one of these “free pass” versions nor have I seen pics of one. Not calling BS on it, just that there is no proof any of them actually exist.

Almost Here, the debut album from The Academy Is.. was finally pressed on vinyl and was a Hot Topic exclusive of sorts. I say sorts because Fueled By Ramen also sold a small amount of the 1500 copies pressed. The record was pressed on green vinyl, with the shade of green matching the album art pretty closely. Instead of an insert the record comes with a full color, printed dust sleeve.

To a few people’s surprised, including myself, Almost Here sold out pretty quick. I felt it could have went one of two ways; either sell out quickly, like it did, or sit around for months and eventually get put on clearance like some of the Midtown, Hot Rod Circuit, Underoath and Starting Line records. I was hoping for the later but unfortunately that did not pan out.

In the summer of 2015 The Academy Is… got back to together and played a couple shows and festivals while also announcing a full 10th Anniversary tour for Almost Here. To coincide with this, they also announced a re-pressing of the record that as of now you can only get on said 10th Anniversary Tour.

Everything Is Debatable is the third full length album from Hellogoodbye and second to get pressed on vinyl. Everything Is Debatable is a huge departure from Hellogoodbye’s last album Would It Kill You?. It’s a step in the wrong direction, as it falls more into the cheesy pop category with voice effect overlays. There were 1,000 copies pressed on “bone” vinyl, which is off white in color. I use parentheses because I have never seen bone used to describe a color before. One interesting thing about this record is that there are three separate inserts for it, something I’ve never seen done before for a single LP album. On one side of each insert are four unique photos, with the other side featuring the lyrics for four songs on the album.