Saves The Day – s/t aka The Grapefruit Album (1st Press)

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Vinyl

Saves The Day used a Kickstarter  esque crowd funding source (Pledge Music) to help get their new album, Saves The Day, out. They easily reached their goal, actually more than doubling what they set out to raise, which was especially good because some of that additional money went to Occupy Sandy, who help victims of Hurricane Sandy. There were also the typical pledge incentives which included a vinyl copy of the album for $25, test presses of the band’s last album Daybreak for $100 and test presses of the new album for $115. You can see the full list of rewards here and the page for campaign on Pledge Music is still up;

Leading up to the album’s release date people speculated whether or not the Pledge Music campaign would be the only place to get the album on vinyl and if there would be a pledger exclusive variant. None of that panned out to be true, and eventually the album was picked up by Equal Vision and saw a wide release. All the records were pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and come housed in a gatefold jacket with a card stock dust sleeve. The dust sleeve features the track listing on one side and the names of everyone who pledged on the other, with the lyrics printed inside the gatefold jacket.

After the record was released people started complaining about buzzing on their copies. It seemed to be a wide scale problem as I have not seen anyone say their copy is problem free. As is typical with this kind of stuff, some people think the sound quality, or lack thereof, is a major problem while others don’t think it’s the end of the world. People have contacted multiple places (the label, band, Pledge Music) about the sound quality issues but so far not a single person has received a replacement copy. Most people are not even getting responses at all. Eventually the band’s management replied to someone, although this person writes for a major music zine so it’s likely his clout helped get a response. He was basically told “we’re looking into the problem and solutions for people who bought copies.” But so far over a month later nothing has been resolved.

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