V/A – The Music Of Tony Sly: A Tribute

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Vinyl
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This is a charity comp with all profits going to the Tony Sly Memorial Fund. A charity album is one of the few times when it’s acceptable for a label to go the cheap as possible route when pressing a record, but Fat Wreck Chords opted to put out a top notch release that includes a gatefold jacket, fold out poster, sticker and colored vinyl (even though clear is technically not a color). The comp has no variants and will be kept in print to meet demand, which again, is great fior a charity album. There should be no one complaining that the record is not rare.

Bands on the comp include over 30 songs from huge bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Alkaline Trio, Pennywise, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, NOFX, Rise Against and Bad Religion. Every band on the album contributes a cover of No Use For A Name  (Tony Sly’s band) song or one of Tony Sly solo songs. One of the bands I was surprised not to see on this comp was the Foo Fighters, since Chris Shiflett played in No Use For A Name before joining Foo Fighters. Chris Shiflett should have contributed something, either with Foo Fighters or with his solo/side project Chris Shiflett And The Dead Peasants.


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