Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue Acoustic (1st Press)

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Vinyl

The latest trend seems to be releasing acoustic versions of albums for whatever anniversary may be approaching, usually the 10th. Yellowcard jumped right on this bandwagon and released an acoustic version of their breakthrough album Ocean Avenue to coincide with the 10th anniversary of its release. They also went on a tour playing the album front to back as well, which is another trend revolving around the anniversary of albums.

Ocean Avenue Acoustic features different artwork than the regular version of the album, but it’s definitely inspired by the original. There are three variants for the first pressing; a Hot Topic exclusive on orange/yellow marble limited to 500 copies, a pre-order exclusive on white limited to 1,200 copies and 2,300 copies on black that is widely available. Having obviously over estimated the selling power of the album, Hopeless Records is still selling copies of the album on white vinyl, but for $5 more than the regular black version. Hot Topic also still has copies of this album on their exclusive color and somehow, amazingly, they are the cheapest outlet selling it ($14).

In 2017, Hopeless decided to re-press this on two new color variants to go along with their annual holiday “sale.” It’s not so much a sale as it is an excuse to release holiday themed merch and new variants of records they previously released. Apparently Ocean Avenue Acoustic did eventually go OOP despite the first pressing taking ages to sell out.


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