Larry And His Flask/Cobra Skulls – Split 7″

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Vinyl
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For Fest 12 (taking place in October/November 2013) Asian Man Records released a split 7” featuring Larry And His Flask and Cobra Skulls. The split was limited to 500 copies, with each band getting 100 copies to sell and the remaining 300 copies going up for sale on Asian Man’s webstore. The Larry And His Flask song is brand new and exclusive to this 7”. I say that because the band has recycled some songs in the past that were on past release and wound up on new releases.

The split sold out online much sooner than I expected, and neither band put up any leftover copies post Fest online, so my lax of late in pre-ordering/buying records almost hurt me with getting this 7”. Fortunately in mid December Asian Man put up about 50 copies for sale in their webstore and I snagged one. All 500 copies of the split are on random colored vinyl, which in this case turned out to be all purple marble. Usually random colored vinyl means a mix of colors throughout the pressing; some red, some blue, some green, etc. But in this case I think Asian Man did not order a specific color and the plant gave them whatever color they had lying around, had an abundance of or whatever would be cheapest for Asian Man in terms of pressing fees.Larry And His Flask - Cobra Skulls Split - Copy


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