The Academy Is… – Almost Here (1st Press)

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Vinyl

Almost Here, the debut album from The Academy Is.. was finally pressed on vinyl and was a Hot Topic exclusive of sorts. I say sorts because Fueled By Ramen also sold a small amount of the 1500 copies pressed. The record was pressed on green vinyl, with the shade of green matching the album art pretty closely. Instead of an insert the record comes with a full color, printed dust sleeve.

To a few people’s surprised, including myself, Almost Here sold out pretty quick. I felt it could have went one of two ways; either sell out quickly, like it did, or sit around for months and eventually get put on clearance like some of the Midtown, Hot Rod Circuit, Underoath and Starting Line records. I was hoping for the later but unfortunately that did not pan out.

In the summer of 2015 The Academy Is… got back to together and played a couple shows and festivals while also announcing a full 10th Anniversary tour for Almost Here. To coincide with this, they also announced a re-pressing of the record that as of now you can only get on said 10th Anniversary Tour.


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