Fall Out Boy – Pax-Am Days 2×7″

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Vinyl

For  2013 Black Friday Record Store Day Fall Out Boy released a brand new EP as a double 7” entitled Pax-Am Days. The new material was a surprise since the band released a new album only a few months prior. The EP consists of  eight songs that harkens back to the band’s earlier material. The price tag was on the hefty side, around $14 depending on what store you bought it from.

There were 3000 copies pressed, all on black vinyl. The double 7” comes housed in a gatefold jacket, and each of the four band members are pictured on a center label. If you bought the EP on vinyl, there was a hidden track that was accessible via download. A number code was pressed into the matrix/dead wax of the Andy side of one of the records, which you had to enter into a special website in order to gain access to the song. This song is a cover of a Naked Raygun song, “New Dreams.”

I heard mumblings that this EP would be re-pressed, or at least see a widespread release after Black Friday RSD, but nothing official has been announced, and this record is quickly flying off store shelves, so it’s likely to go OOP sooner rather than later.


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