Halloween Soundtrack (Mondo Pressing – Version A)

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Vinyl
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Mondo gets more hype than practically anything in existence now. Between their movie inspired art prints and their recent movie soundtrack pressings 99% of the stuff they release sells out in minutes if not seconds, regardless of price. One thing for sure is that Mondo has cashed in on these two collectibles markets; hidden variants for records, low quantity print runs with and even more limited variant, ridiculous shipping prices, ridiculous price on products in general. If there is a way to squeeze more money out of people Mondo does it.  It’s pretty ridiculous what people who collect Mondo stuff do without hesitation.

With Mondo stuff, it’s one of the few times where relying on ebay makes the most sense. Since people buy multiple copies trying to get the hidden variant, typically 3-4 copies at a pop at $25-$30 a piece, it would actually make financial sense to wait for one of the countless hidden variants to pop up on ebay and just buy that instead of throwing close to $100 down the drain and having to spend another $100 to buy the hidden variant.

I got that all out of the way first because most people reading this will already know the finer details about this Mondo release, the Halloween Soundtrack. And I wanted to point out how stupid Mondo collectors are. This is the most comprehensive version of the soundtrack ever released on vinyl. Mondo did their typical hidden variant, which was orange. On top of that variant there is the regular variant on black vinyl. There is also a “version B,” which has different artwork and is the only variant that has pressing info released at 1,000 copies on orange with black splatter. This “version B” was only available at the Halloween: 35 Years Of Terror convention in Pasadena, California, unless there were copies left over. I guess true Halloween fans have enough sense not to cough up $30 on this, as there were plenty of leftover copies after the convention, which went up for sale on Mondo’s site. Before I get angry comments about me complaining about the high price, I bought this for $20 from an indie record store on Black Friday.


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