V/A – Punk Goes Christmas

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Vinyl
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Punk Goes Christmas is the first in the series of Punk Goes comps that received the vinyl treatment. It went up for pre-order a few months before Christmas, was delayed, and still started shipping a few weeks before Christmas. As you would assume, the comp features “punk” bands performing Christmas songs/carols. I bought the comp for the New Found Glory, Yellowcard and William Becket (former The Academy Is.. front man). The comp also features Man Overboard, All Time Low, Real Friends, The Summer Set, Crown The Empire, Issues, Jason Lancaster of Mayday Parade and Go Radio, The Ready Set and Set It Off

When it was first put up for pre-order it was advertised as being limited to 1,000 copies. At some point after that it was reduced to 500 copies without notice. I’m guessing Fearless lost their shirt on this release and pre-orders were not what they expected, so they cut the pressing amount because they couldn’t sell that many copies. The $18 price tag didn’t help anything either, which many people feel is way more than any record should cost. Had the record been cheaper obviously more people would have bought it. I had a coupon code so I opted to use it on purchasing this as it made the record significantly cheaper.

So the record is limited to 500 copies and is pressed on half red/half green vinyl. It comes with an insert and also included are gift tags, with one tag for every band on the comp plus two more Punk Goes Christmas logo tags.


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