Schematic – Color (n.) Inside The Lines (1st Press)

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Vinyl
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Schematic is the new band of Dave Elkins, formerly of Mae. If you liked Mae you will like Schematic. Dave started his own label, Schematic Records, which has released a few Schematic release plus some stuff from other bands. Schematic’s debut full length, Color (n.) Inside The Lines was picked up by Spartan Records to release on vinyl. And in typical Spartan fashion they charged way too much for the record, even if it’s a double LP. There is no need to charge $25 for a double LP when other labels can do it for $16. Not even mentioning they charge $5 for shipping via media mail, which is a bit high too. Fortunately I took advantage of a flash sale and got it for a fairer price, since I know Spartan will never lower the price on this album at any point down the road. It took a while, but flash sales have now swept into the music/vinyl/indie label marketplace.

There are four variants for this record with 1250 total copies pressed. There are three variants limited to 250 copies each; half & half (A/B half blue/half red, C/D half yellow/half green), A/B on red and C/D on Yellow, and both records on blue. There is one variant limited to 500 copies that is an indie record store exclusive, which is both records on red. This indie store variant was not announced when the album first went up for pre-order, it was announced to coincide with 2013 Black Friday Record Store Day. On RSD I asked my local store if they had it or would be getting it in, and the owner told me the wholesale price on it was too much and they would never be able to sell them in store due to how much they would have to charge for them.

A download code is not included with the record if you buy it from Spartan, but they do email you  a download link. The record is housed in a gatefold jacket and features different artwork than what is used for the CD version of the album released by Schematic Records.

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