The Gaslight Anthem – The B-Sides

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Vinyl

A few months after releasing a 7” box set containing most of their b-sides, The Gaslight Anthem released an LP containing all the b-sides featured in said box set. Many people who criticized the box set as unnecessary, was too expensive, or that it could have been released as an LP were thrilled when this b-sides album was announced. The aptly named The B-Sides received a U.S. and Euro pressing, which is typical for most if not all of Gaslight Anthem releases.

While the U.S. pressing was done on two variants, the Euro pressing was only done on one. For the U.S. pressing there were 500 copies on black and white starburst, which sold out in a few days, and either 1000 or 2000 copies on black. There is a bit of discrepancy in my book about the pressing info for this album, particularly the black variant. The order page for the album in Side One’s store says 1000 copies, but on their multiple social media outlets the says it’s limited to 2000 copies. The Euro variant is on white vinyl limited to 1,000 copies, which is evenly split at 500 copies a piece to the UK and Germany. Banquet Records was the exclusive retailer in the UK.

Instead of an insert a full color photo dust sleeve is include. The dust sleeve is somewhat one side however, as the liner notes/credits are printed on one side with a mirror image on the opposite side without any text. A download card is also included. The track listing is:

1. She Loves You

2. The ‘59 Sound (Acoustic)

3. State of Love and Trust (Live)

4. Tumbling Dice

5. The Queen of Lower Chelsea (Acoustic)

6. Songs for Teenagers

7. Great Expectations (Acoustic)

8. Antonia Jane (Acoustic)

9. American Slang (Acoustic)

10. Boxer (Acoustic)

11. Once Upon a Time


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