Moneen/Alexisonfire – The Switcheroo Series Split (1st & 2nd Press)

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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Moneen and Alexisonfire released a split in the Switcheroo Series back in 2005. It was only pressed as a picture disc (for the first pressing), which was a German import released by Defiance Records. I do not know how many copies were pressed. Because of this being an import, the price is naturally higher than it would had it been released by a U.S. label. The price was around $25 after all was said and done when this split first came out. Tack on almost 10 years and this comp fetches an even heftier price on the secondary market. Some copies have gone for around $50 on ebay. If you’re patient enough and play your cards right you can still get one today for around $25.

For this split each band covers each other’s songs. Each band has three songs on the split.Alexisonfire covers “Passing Out In America,” “Tonight I Am Going To Wash The Hippy” and “Charlie Sheen vs. Henry Rollins.”Moneen covers “Accidents Are On Purpose,” “Sharks In Danger” and Bleed And Blister (Version 2).”

The Moneen and Alexisonfire split from the Switcheroo Series was finally re-pressed with a legit jacket and made available outside the Alexisonfire box set in 2016. The split was however, still part of bundles, at least one variant. Dine Alone seems to love doing bundles to sell more of their releases, making exclusive bundle variants that are the more limited ones. I hate sales tactics that like, and rarely order bundles anymore.

There were three bundle options where you could get a copy of this re-pressing; one for just the Moneen releases, one for just the Alexisonfire releases and one for all the releases from both bands. If you pre-ordered (all the bundles sold out in the pre-order phase) you actually got the least limited variant, in the case of this split it was 180 gram red vinyl limited to 300 copies. If you opted not to get one of the bundles you could have bought a standalone copy of this split, which was on 180 gram black vinyl limited to 200 copies.

All copies come with an insert, and as aforementioned a regular, legit jacket with cover art. No download card is included, which is lame considering this is a Dine Alone release and no other labels are involved. This re-press marks the second pressing of the split. There is the picture disc that is already written about here, and the pressing that came in the Alexisonfire box set released in 2013 (I consider both of these the first pressing) and now this latest pressing done in 2016 (also written about here). I’m assuming the box set pressing is on black vinyl, I’ve never seen pictures of it and haven’t even seen info about it other than it apparently exists and people apparently own it.

For anyone interested, I’m looking to sell my copy of the picture disc variant from the first pressing. If you’re interested make an offer in the comments with your email address (I won’t make the comment public, I have to approve all comments so nobody will see your email other than me). I’ll only ship to the lower 48 states (USA) and it will ship in a LP mailer with either bubble wrap or extra cardboard stiffeners. The picture disc comes in a poly dust sleeve (originally came that way), not a paper dust sleeve like what is pictured below. I only used the paper dust sleeve for photo purposes.




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