Anatomy Of A Ghost – Evanesce

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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In 2013 Rise Records continued going through their back catalog with the pressing of Anatomy Of A Ghost’s one and only album, Evanesce. Initially there was only one variant for the record, which was pretty limited by most people’s standards at 200 copies. This variant, which was blue, was only available through Rise Records’ webstore. It was on the expensive side after factoring in shipping, even for a double LP, coming in at over $25. I held off on buying the record waiting to place a big order to try to spread out the shipping costs over multiple records since Rise’s store is hosted by Merchnow. I forgot to buy this album when I made an order around Christmas. As luck would have it I would get a better deal on the album.

A few months after Rise announced the album was getting pressed and put it up for pre-order, they announced an additional variant. It was a surprise but not a total shocker, as limited a pressing to only 200 total copies almost never happens. It’s a round number but not a friendly round number in terms of manufacturing cost. This new variant, which is white vinyl, is a Hot topic exclusive. If you read this blog enough and follow me on twitter you know my disdain for Hot Topic after all the shady crap they have pulled, and continue to pull, with vinyl. And as a result of that I refrain from buying anything from Hot Topic unless there is no other choice. In this case, I was able to buy this record cheaper from Hot Topic, and in my book cost overrides 99.9% of my predilections. I took advantage of their $1 shipping for orders over $30, the only sale/discount/promotion/code/coupon that still applies to vinyl from Hot Topic, and bought this record and another record that could only (not a Hot Topic exclusive variant, but entirely only available at Hot Topic) be bought from Hot Topic.

This pressing is not the greatest, but not terrible, which is par for the course for a Rise release. The album comes in agatefold jacket with the two records in cardstock dust sleeves. So the rundown on this record;gatefold jacket with lyrics printed inside, no download code/card, 500 total copies spread across two variants; blue limited to 200 copies and white limited to 300 copies.


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