Green Day – Demolicious

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl

Green Day spread the field for Record Store Day 2014, releasing their demo sessions for the trilogy of albums (Uno, Dos & Tre) on vinyl, CD and cassette. The vinyl version of Demolicious was limited to 2400 copies and was pressed on either red or clear vinyl. There is some confusion on my part, as well as everybody else’s regarding the pressing info for this. Most people assumed the record was going to be on clear red, as in transparent red, not two separate colors, clear and red respectively. It is unknown how many copies were pressed on red and how many copies were pressed on clear. All we have is the total amount pressed, and I doubt we’ll ever get any more info than that.

Some people have copies with both LP’s on clear, while others have both LP’s on red. Some people even claim to have one LP on clear and one LP on red, though I have not seen pictures of people claiming to have that. At this point I doubt that variant truly exists; it could be people trolling message boards or people who traded one of the LP’s with someone to make what they feel is a unique set.

Demolicious is one of the cheapest records, in all aspects, that I have in my collection. The record themselves are pressed on the lightest weight vinyl I have ever seen. LP 1 in my set is so thin that I could snap it in half with little to no effort. My LP 1 is also a lot lighter/thinner than my LP 2, which is odd. Being a double LP, the set comes in a single pocket jacket rather than agatefold jacket. The jacket is also very thin and flimsy as well. An important note is that the records come on poly dust sleeves instead of the traditional paper dust sleeves, which combined with the thinness of the jacket is a recipe for seam splits. So beware of that, as my copy has seam splits starting from storing the records inside the jacket. I advise storing them outside the jacket inside a protective poly sleeve bag. An insert is included, which is very lazy. It only has the track-listing printed on one side and a single verse printed on the other side. There is no download code included with the record. The one thing that album has going for it is the artwork, which is one of the best out of theRSD releases this year.


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