I Am The Avalanche – Wolverines

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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To date I Am The Avalanche has released all three of their albums on vinyl, on three different labels. An interesting fact that you can drop on your music snob friends. It should be pointed out that I Surrender Records, who released this, the band’s latest album, also released their last album as well, they did not release it on vinyl however.

Wolverines received quite a few variants, and before it was even released was on its “second pressing.” I say “second pressing” because it’s not like the album went OOP and the label decided to press more copies. They decided to press as many copies to meet demand, and there are a two different ways to look at that. You could be happy the album won’t be hard to find and is available for all the band’s fans to buy and support them, or you could be upset that your “rare” record is no longer as rare as it originally was. I can see arguments for both sides, but the later makes you look like a selfish prick. I’ve been known to voice my displeasure at labels/bands who do shady things like press up more records than advertised, release more variants after pre-orders start or sell out, lie about pressing info to drive up sales, and false advertise or lie in general. The case with Wolverines somewhat falls into the category where I voice my displeasure, but it’s not egregious enough to worry about. In reality there is nothing to complain about because the label never said the magic words “limited pressing,” “one and only pressing” or “one time pressing.”

Anyway, back to more pertinent info, the pressing info. For the “first press,” there were 200 copies on black/white swirl (I Surrender exclusive), 500 on translucent red, 300 on non metallic gold (hand-numbered, tour exclusive), 300 on white (euro exclusive), 200 as a picture disc (Banquet Records UK exclusive). There are also 300 copies on pink, which was announced and put up for sale about one week after the black/white swirl and red copies sold out through I Surrender. This was not announced as part of the first or second pressing, they just appeared one day.

More confusion lies with yet more variants I Surrender put up for sale without any major fanfare. You had to follow their social media platforms to find out about it, I think they actually only posted about it on their instagram account. Otherwise you would’ve just stumbled across them in their webstore. Two new colors were added to the “first” and/or “second pressing” (I throw quotes on it because it’s not a true second pressing since the album was not even released yet), clear limited to 200 copies and green limited to 500 copies. I consider it part of the “first pressing” and not the first pressing because the label added copies willy-nilly to meet demand. Again not something I agree with, adding more copies to a pressing after it sells out, but not something to get too worked up about or complain about since they’re keeping a record readily available. The “second pressing”, formally labeled such by I Surrender (I throw quotes on it because it’s not a true second pressing since the album was not even released yet), has two variants; highlighter yellow limited to 544 copies and “warm” red limited to 548 copies.

An important note is that this record does not come with a download code. You only get a digital download of the album if you order directly from I Surrender Records, who emails you a download code after purchase.




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