Manchester Orchestra – Every Stone 7″

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl

Leading up to the release of Manchester Orchestra’s fourth studio album they released a 7” for “Every Stone.” It features an exclusive b-side, “Escape,” and continues the artwork theme for all the other 7” records the band will be releasing for Cope, which are only available in the deluxe box set version of Cope. There are 3,000 copies pressed, all on black vinyl.

This 7” is an indie store exclusive promoting 2014 Record Store Day, and even though there are 3,000 copies of it stock was quickly exhausted, most likely because the entire pressing was not initially made available. This 7” was also insanely cheap, $2! Also included with the 7” was a coupon for $2 off the purchase of Cope at the record store you bought the “Every Stone” 7’ from. The coupon was only good for four days after the release of Cope, which was April 1, so at the time of posting this the coupon is no longer valid should you buy a copy of the “Every Stone” 7” at this point.


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