Nirvana – Almost Everything – The BBC Sessions

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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Nirvana is one of the few bands I will actively seek bootlegs. This is the newest Nirvana bootleg, as in the latest to be released. It’s from Italy, released by Marble Four and is entitled Almost Everything – The BBC Sessions. As the title suggest this boot features one of Nirvana’s BBC Sessions. There is no much info out there to know exactly what sessions each of these songs are from. Nirvana did BBC Sessions from 1989 to 1991. There is also an accompanying 7” entitled …And The Rest, which features some more track from their BBC Sessions.

There are multiple pressings of this bootleg, at least I’m assuming so. All copies from what would be the first pressing are numbered on the back, while my copy is not. Of course it could simply be an error on the “label’s” part, they could have not numbered my copy. Or it could be an overrun copy they chose not to number, or again forgot to number. My copy is as you can see from the picture below is on black vinyl.

Pressing info was never given anywhere, at least from an official source. But even so, since it’s a bootleg those numbers could be inflated or undervalued. I know this boot exists on red, yellow, clear, blue, black, blue/black swirl, green, and possibly orange. But the orange people could be mistaking for yellow. As on June 2014 I have also seen a version with a white cover instead of the brown/cardboard color cover.

As with a ton of bootlegs, the tracks are purposely mislabeled. In this case here are the corrections:

“Here I Am” is a mislabel for “Endless, Nameless”

“Pretty Scary” is a mislabel for “Been A Son”

“Dementia 7” is a mislabel for “D-7”

“Meltdown” is a mislabel for “Aneurysm”

Nirvana - Almost Everything - The BBC Sessions - Copy

  1. Allan Black says:

    Hi good words. Question. If this is a Bootleg, how is it that its available through Amazon, like, Publicly for sale ? I am not sure of the back story on this, most bootlegs seem to be “underground” sales rather than available to the Public through multi level retailers? This would seem to preclude the actual “Illegal” or ” Unauthorized” aspect of this material? Thus it would not seem too me to be an actual Bootleg, but rather a highjacked label calling it a Bootleg? “Bootleg” adds $$ to the value of a supposed illegal recording. However, in this case, these were bona fide Public Domain” within the ranks of being recorded at a Public Broadcaster ie the BBC. Food for thought, but worthy of discussion to flush out informed opinion. Thank you in advance for any information or comments in this regard. AL


    • Stitches and Grooves says:

      a bootleg is any unauthorized release. plain and simple. this is not an authorized release. plus, radio nor tv broadcasts are not public domain. someone or some entity owns a copyright on the broadcasts. websites and bootleg labels skirt the law by claiming the copyright is murky, or they just flat out don’t care about the law. the copies you are seeing on Amazon are in the marketplace. just because something is for sale in the Amazon marketplace does not mean Amazon themselves are carrying it and are responsible for selling it. Amazon marketplace is just like ebay or Discogs.


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