Sunny Day Real Estate/Circa Survive – Split 7″

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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A 7” featuring what could likely be the final Sunny Day Real Estate recordings ever released was one of the most sought after releases on 2014 Record Store Day. The 7”, a split also featuring Circa Survive, features two brand new songs from both bands. The SDRE song is the first in __ years. The 7” was pressed on two colors, with 2400 copies on burgundy vinyl and 100 copies on clear vinyl. The 2500 total copies were snatched up at most stores in the first few minutes after they opened, very few made it to the couple days after RSD where stores put up their remaining stock online.

The clear copies were randomly given out to stores. When a store put in an order for this release they did not know if they were getting clear copies or the main burgundy variant. In the aftermath of RSD I question the randomness of the clear variant, since someone who I know is friends with the owner of one of the participating RSD stores (both will remain nameless), just so happened to get a copy on clear. Said record label owner also has business dealings with said store as well. I guess it’s random in the fact that stores didn’t know they were getting a copy on clear, but I’m willing to bet this store checked the color on their copies and gave it to this particular person.Circa Survive - Sunny Day Real Estate Split - Copy



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