Taking Back Sunday – TAYF10 Acoustic

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl

Jumping on three trends at the same time, Taking Back Sunday released an acoustic live album for the 10th anniversary of their debut album, Tell All Your Friends. Yes, not just an anniversary edition of an album, not just an acoustic version of an album and not just a live album; an album played from beginning to end, acoustically, recorded live, and released in conjunction with said album’s 10th anniversary. The name of the album is even a mish-mash of all those things, entitled TAYF10 Acoustic.

At the time of release you could only buy the vinyl version of the album directly from Taking Back Sunday’s web store devoted to the 10th anniversary of Tell All Your Friends. The record was overpriced (sadly you can’t buy this for a reasonable price anywhere), and when you factor in their shipping price, which was also on the high end, the final price of this record was a bit too much to swallow. I’m not entirely sure if the band sold any copies of the album at shows, as obviously there was no chance it would be released in time to coincide with the 10th anniversary tour they were doing at the time. Eventually Hot Topic became the sole retailer of TAYF10 Acoustic, but they only sold it online. They sold it for the same price as TBS, but Hot Topic’s shipping charges are a bit more reasonable. I took advantage of a $1 shipping promo Hot Topic was running to make the blow to my wallet a bit less.

The pressing info for this record was never released so I don’t know how many copies were pressed. It was released by TBS’ own label and none of the members of the band have responded back to me via any methods of communication. All copies were pressed on bone vinyl; color wise it’s off white. There is no insert, no printed inner dust sleeve, no download code. In other words you get absolutely nothing except the record stuffed in a cheap flimsy, single pocket jacket, all for close to $30.Taking Back Sunday - TAYF10 Acoustic - Copy


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