The Killers – Direct Hits (1st Press)

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl

After releasing their fourth studio album The Killers released a greatest hits album, which included four never before released songs, two of which were brand new with the others being either a demo version or remix version previously released singles. Direct Hits was only released on vinyl as a multi-disc box set of sorts, five 10” records to be exact. A standard LP version has yet to be released although there is some speculation it may be released at some point down the road. After all, The Killers are notorious for releasing multiple versions of their albums. Hot Fuss was released on three separate versions on vinyl alone; the standard LP version, a 7” box set featuring one 7” for every song on the album with an exclusive b-side, and an LP box set.

Pressing numbers were never announced for Direct Hits and I doubt it ever will. This version of the album was billed as a deluxe edition, as it’s not really a true box set. It comes in a hard bound book, similar to Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown set and Minus The Bear’s Infinity Overhead set. Included in the book is a 22-page full color booklet. The cover of the book is embossed in gold foil and each of the five 10” records are housed in cardstock sleeve, which is bound into the book, becoming its own page.

When Direct Hits was first released many people complained about the price, $75 before shipping. Tack on another $15 for shipping and the overall cost of the set became even more ridiculous in many people’s minds. I am patient enough to wait things out, especially given how things have panned out with records lately. For whatever reason (overrun copies, distro deals, trouble selling out of a pressing, etc) records of any variant become available well after they sell out through pre-orders or become available from other retailers at a better price. The later was the case with Direct Hits, as Amazon started selling copies in February of 2014 for $75. So I got a “sold out” record cheaper than what it would have cost me to buy it during the pre-order phase after factoring in Amazon’s free shipping.


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