V/A – In Utero: In Tribute comp

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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Keeping with the In Utero barrage, Robotic Empire Records released a tribute comp where punk bands performed the album front to back. The comp, entitled In Utero: In Tribute features (in order, and you can figure out what song each band covers from there) Pygmy Lush, Circa Survive, These Arms Are Snakes, Thursday, Jay Reatard, Young Widows, The Mean Jeans, Thou, Whirr, Daughters, Ceremony and Black Math Horsemen. The comp was first released in conjunction with Record Store Day 2014, with an exclusive variant that included an exclusive poster. The RSD variant was on maroon vinyl which was limited to 1000 copies. The poster is just an enlarged version of the cover art, nothing too special.

The label made it known that the comp would see a regular version, which would be released after RSD. Plus the label released a list of all the stores they sent the comp to, because this release was not on the official RSD list and did not see distribution. Knowing this made my RSD shopping a ton easier, as I did not have to go out super early, and I even contemplated not going out at all this year to avoid the hassle that has become RSD. I used to look forward to RSD every year, but it has gotten so out of hand for a number of reasons that I no longer get anxious or excited over it. Anyway, there are two other variants of this comp on top of the RSD version. There are copies pressed on black and translucent yellow vinyl, both of which do not have pressing info released as of writing this.

The translucent yellow variant was a surprise, as the label only said the comp would see a regular black pressing after RSD. The label put the non-RSD version of the album earlier than scheduled, but announced it thoroughly so everyone got a chance to buy it worry free. Even so, black copies sold out pretty quickly, with the yellow copies taking a tad longer to sell out.

This comp is pretty simple but is still on the pricey side. It’s just a record in a jacket. I’m assuming the high price tag is due to the fact it has something to do with Nirvana, and all the headaches Courtney Love attaches to anything Nirvana related. I know there were some issues getting this comp out there, what exactly they are is none of my business, but I’m glad Robotic Empire stuck with it and finally got this comp out there. It’s one of the best comps in my collection.In Utero In Tribute - Copy


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