Cartel – Collider

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Vinyl

In a surprise move the first Cartel record to get pressed on vinyl is the band’s latest, and arguably least popular album, Collider. Collider was pressed as a double LP on 180 gram red vinyl limited to 500 copies and comes housed in a gatefold jacket. The band self released this album, and they charged $25 before shipping. I guess that price is better than the price tag for Chroma. The merch company the band is using also over charges on shipping.

Because of the price I held off on buying it, which was a good move on my part. I picked this up along with the band’s EP, The Ransom, which was released by another label, and saved on shipping. Well , not really saved, but I could spread out the shipping charges across two records instead of over $7 for just one record.

Overall it’s a solid release. The jacket is not cheap, and going with 180 gram vinyl makes the price a bit easier to swallow. If it meant the price would’ve been lower I would rather the band not went with 180 gram vinyl. A download code is not included with the record; however themerch company sends you a download link via email.


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