Cartel – The Ransom

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Vinyl

Company Ink Records released Cartel’s debut EP, The Ransom, on vinyl back in December of 2013. With my life being hectic the last couple months with moving around a bunch I was never able to open the package that included this EP along with Collider. So the long overdue post about The Ransom is finally here.

It’s a quality release all around, which is something I’ve grown to expect and look forward to with Company Ink releases. The EP was pressed as a 12” and comes on three different colors; clear limited to 100 copies, “money green” limited to 400 copies and off white splatter limited to 400 copies. The clear copies were exclusive to the band and were only available through their web store hosted by District Lines (one of the worst merch companies out there for a multitude of reasons). It became available about a month after Company Ink put the record up for order at the end of December, which was a decision made by the band. The off white splatter was only available through Company Ink and the “money green” copies became available through a wide array of places. Some fellow labels carried some copies of the EP on green and Hot Topic also got in some copies as well.

Speaking of quality, the packaging goes above and beyond the standard jacket used with most records. It’s an envelope style jacket, which has the lyrics printed on the inside panel. An insert is also included, which has a message from the band’s frontman; Will Pugh. Said insert is also done up like a ransom note. The record was cut at 45 RPM for optimal sound quality as well. The copies from Company Ink also come with a wax seal that had the Company Ink logo stamped into it on the back of the poly bag, to seal up the envelope style packaging. The copy I ordered from the band did not have this seal. All around this was a well thought out release that clearly took a ton of effort and time. It carries out the theme of the album with the colors chosen for the record, the style of the packaging and the font of the insert (which is done like a ransom note).



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