Day At The Fair – The Rocking Chair Years

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Vinyl
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Broken Heart Records released Day At The Fair’s The Rocking Chair Years on vinyl back in August of 2013. It was pressed as a double LP and comes housed in a gatefold jacket. There were 500 copies of the album pressed, with 100 copies on black, 200 copies on orange and 200 copies on half yellow/half pink.

The label as did a run of lathe cuts for two unreleased Day At The Fair songs, which was limited to 60 copies and was exclusive to a bundle that included all three color variants of the album. Personally, I, along with a handful of other people are waiting for the lathe cut to sold outside of the bundles, something the label owner has said he’ll do at some point if the bundles don’t sell out.

On top of the full The Rocking Chair Years album there are several bonus tracks included. The label “wanted to use every inch of space.” Included are three tracks from the band’s EP The Prelude, which include “Kira Doesn’t Care About Anything, She’s A Nihilist,” “Priscilla The Traveling Proton” and “Homesick Angels.” The other bonus tracks (in order – tracks 18-21) are “Here Lies Our Holiday,” “Kira Doesn’t Care About Anything, She’s A Nihilist (New Version),” “First Two Moons” and “The Rocking Chair Years (Alternative Take).”

One odd thing I noted about my C/D side record is that the center labels have label maker type stickers on them denoting side C and Side D, where as my A/B record are printed normally. I have no idea what happened there.


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