The Early November – The Mother, The Mechanic, And The Path (1st Press)

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Vinyl

In late spring 2014 TDR Records announced that they would be pressing The Early November epic triple album The Mother, The Mechanic, And The Path on vinyl. Getting this album pressed on vinyl was a long time coming but was a huge undertaking that most labels didn’t want to touch with a 10 foot pole given the length of it; 47 tracks clocking in at a whopping 2 hours, 11 minutes and 55 seconds. Because of the length the album had to be pressed as a triple LP, which obviously added to the manufacturing costs and as thus would add on to the cost of the consumer.

The aforementioned consumer costs wound up being $35 before shipping. In the end the cost in my mind was well worth it. This release turned out amazing. The triple LP record comes housed in a triple gatefold jacket, which has a matte finish. The records were pressed on 180 gram vinyl and an insert for each album within the triple album is included. All of the inserts are full color as well. Overall this release was done with quality and every detail in mind.

For the first pressing there were four variants, with three of those being available to the general public. The three colors available to the public were 104 or 100 copies on transparent coke bottle green, orange crush, swamp green. 177 or 200 copies on a-side oxblood/b-side mustard yellow and 212 copies on clear with olive, orange crush and swamp green splatter. There was also a Drive-Thru Records exclusive variant limited to 29 copies on transparent coke bottle green, orange crush and swamp green with black splatter. Those Drive-Thru exclusives for the first pressing will never be made available to the public, except maybe for a copy or two that winds up on ebay because the person connected to DTR who got one decided to sell it for whatever reason. I listed two sets of numbers for each of the general public variants because the label listed the first number (the not rounded off number ) and the band posted their own pressing info on social media which is the second number (numbers rounded off evenly). So it all depends on who you believe. Both numbers make sense in their own right. The number listed by the label is most likely the actual number up for sale to the public, while the number listed by the band is most likely the amount ordered. I was able to order the a-side/b-side split variant, which is picture below.

Once again I was screwed out of the rarest variant for an Early November record. I initially missed out on the box set released by Enjoy The Ride Records for the band’s two EP’s and I missed out on the /100 variant for this album. I refreshed my page at 2:59 (I’m in the Eastern Time Zone) and the record wasn’t live yet, I refresh literally five seconds later and the /100 variant was already sold out. Pretty ridiculous that something sold out in literally five seconds because of A) jerks holding all the copies in their cart and/or B) overzealous nut job fans who constantly hitF5 to refresh their pages. For once flippers weren’t really a factor because the only copies I’ve see up onebay are the variant I bought, the one limited to 177 or 200 copies depending on who you believe.


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