V/A – Dallas Buyers Club Soundtrack

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Vinyl
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The soundtrack for Dallas Buyers Club is the first Music On Vinyl release I have bought, and it’s one of the nicest releases I have bought this year. In terms of quality it’s top notch, and for the price of their releases it better be. Granted it’s an import for the U.S. market, their releases are still on the pricey side.

There were 1000 copies pressed of this soundtrack, with LP 1 on 180 gram gold vinyl and LP 2 on 180 gram blue vinyl. It comes housed in agatefold jacket with an insert. The jacket is very thick and has a glossy finish. Each copy is individually numbered in gold foil stamping on the back of the jacket. A download card is not included. The record also does not come sealed, it comes in a resealable flap poly bag, which has a sticker on the front in the top right corner mentioning some of the highlights of the release. The main reason I bought this soundtrack was for the Manchester Orchestra and Portugal. The Man songs featured on it.


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