V/A – Fort George EP 7″ (Minus The Bear, Modest Mouse, Elliot Smith, Black Mountain)

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Vinyl
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In 2014 Suicide Squeeze had a beer brewed in their honor by Fort George Brewery out of Oregon. They decided to release a record to commemorate the event, a compilation 7” entitled the Fort George 7”, features classic songs from their catalog. The 7”was limited to 1000 copies on amber gold vinyl. The cover is a half fold sleeve printed on glossy paper. A download code is included. Here is the official press release/description of the Fort George 7” taken from Suicide Squeeze, which better and fully explains everything behind this release.

“Astoria, Oregon’s Fort George Brewery began brewing limited-run seasonal beers in conjunction with some of their favorite Northwest businesses, craftsmen, and artists back in the spring of 2013. For spring 2014, Fort George is teaming up with Suicide Squeeze Records to offer up the Suicide Squeeze IPA. Available on draft or in tallboy cans designed by esteemed illustrator and graphic designer Jesse LeDoux, the IPA will be available throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho for the duration of the season. To celebrate this event, Suicide Squeeze is releasing the “Fort George” 7”—a collection of four classic tracks from the Suicide Squeeze catalog by some of the Northwest’s greatest artists. Featuring previously released singles, rarities, and out-of-print tracks by Modest Mouse, Black Mountain, Elliott Smith, and Minus The Bear, the “Fort George” compilation provides a prime overview of the eclectic and iconic Northwest indie rock fostered by Suicide Squeeze and commemorated through Fort George’s special microbrew. The “Fort George” 7” is limited to 1,000 copies on amber “beer” colored vinyl and comes with a download code.”

Here is the track listing for this comp 7” in order of appearance:

Modest Mouse – “A Life Of Arctic Souls”

Black Mountain – “Voices”

Elliot Smith – “Division Day”

Minus The Bear – “Pachuca Sunrise (acoustic)”

I bought this 7” during a great sale Suicide Squeeze had going for Memorial Day where a good chunk of their releases were essentially 50% off. I’m glad I bought this record during that sale for $3 instead of $8 they normally charge for it. My order total (including shipping) was less than the cost of just the 7” alone when not on sale. There really is not much to this release. The only reason I bought it was to keep my Minus The Bear collection complete, and their song on this comp 7” has already been released.VA - Fort George EP - Copy




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