Jurassic Park Soundtrack/Score [Mondo Pressing – 1st Press; Version A (Dilophosaurus) & Version B]

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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The Jurassic Park Soundtrack is my first Mondo “drop.” Yes I’ve bought a Mondo release before, but that was not straight from Mondo during the “drop.” This will be the last mentions of “drop” because I think that term is one of the most asinine around. Anyway, for all the clout Mondo pulls with whatever they release, I had zero issues buying both versions of Jurassic Park, in the same order. I didn’t have to pull the nonsense of placing an order for one version and then going back to place another order for the other version. It was actually one of the easier pre-order/ordering experience I’ve had with a high-profile release.

If you’re not familiar with the antics and sales ploys Mondo pulls with their records I’ll lay out the ground work. For every one of their vinyl releases Mondo presses a random variant, one you can’t buy straight up from anywhere but on the second-hand market. This random variant, which is typically on colored vinyl, is more limited than the standard color, which is typically black vinyl. The random variant results in people buying multiple copies hoping to score one of them, which is not even mentioning flippers who buy as many copies as they can. In many cases people place multiple orders since Mondo limits things to 2 copies per order; this scenario also comes into play for flippers too. I know of several people, not flippers, who buy at least 5 copies of every Mondo release hoping to get one of the random variants. Their success rate is pretty low too, I should add.

Meanwhile I am one-for-one with Mondo random variants. I went into it fully expecting to get Version A on black vinyl, and was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to discover the “Dilophosaurus” vinyl. The “Dilophosaurus” variant is green with red and yellow splatter, which is inspired by the dinosaur in the movie that spits in Nedry’s face. Personally I also think it was inspired by the vehicles that take everyone on the tour of the park.

Now down to the nitty-gritty with the Jurassic Park Soundtrack. There are two different version of this Soundtrack; Version A and Version B. Both versions cost the same, $35 before shipping. Version A features its own unique artwork done by JC Richard. The double LP comes on either black vinyl or the random variant, the “Dilophosaurus” vinyl. Now I have not seen official pressing info for Version A, official being straight from Mondo themselves. Mondo rarely releases pressing info anyway, and anywhere you read claiming the pressing info never has a source listed. But the unofficial pressing info for Version A is 3000 copies on black vinyl and 2000 copies on “Dilophosaurus” vinyl. Again, those numbers are not official, they are only what it’s rumored to be.

Version B was what many people were clamoring over, for nothing more than the fact it’s more limited than Version A. Version B features its own unique artwork done by Dan McCarthy. The records were pressed on 180 gram amber vinyl, again inspired by the movie. The amber vinyl comes from what makes Jurassic Park exist in the first place, the mosquito sealed in amber, which can be found throughout the film on the end of John Hammond’s cane. Version B is the only one with pressing info laid out, which is 1000 copies.

Both versions come with the same insert and sticker on the front of the jackets (placed on theshrink wrap, not on the actual jacket. I need to say that after the Brand New debacle). The stickers are placed in different places on each version though to no obtrude on the cover art. The insert is done to imitate a classified memo from InGen, the company behind Jurassic Park in the film. The insert features a lengthy note/message/foreword/intro by film composer Brian Satterwhite, which discusses the impact of the soundtrack and a synopsis of everything that went in John Williams composing it. An interesting note with these is the differing center labels for each release. It might be obvious that each version would have differing center labels, but that is not exactly what I mean. What goes against the norm is that for Version A the A/C side labels are different from each other, but the B/D side labels are the same. For Version B the A/C side labels are the same but the B/D side labels are different. You can see this in the photos attached with this entry, which can be found below. For each version the A/C sides are the first photo, and the B/D sides follow. Version A is featured first then Version B.


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