Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues (1st U.S. Press)

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Vinyl

What will likely be the final Against Me! album, their seventh overall, is entitled Transgender Dysphoria Blues. I say likely because there are a number of factors that could determine the outcome of the band, and nothing official has been announced, only hinted about and rumored. This is also Laura Jane Grace’s first album with the band. In typical Against Me! fashion they kept this album cheap, a welcomed tradition that’s a break from the ongoing price gouging that has been going on with records over the course of the last one-to-two years. You can buy this record for $12 (before shipping and excluding the picture disc variant) direct from the band/their label, Total Treble. Even if you don’t buy it from them you can still get this for no more than $15 (before shipping, or at your local record store).

Also in typical Against Me! fashion they released several variants, with the rarest selling out fairly quickly. The full pressing info has not been released, but for the first pressing there were 1000 copies on blue, which was a Total Treble exclusive, 1000 copies on blue/white swirl, which was a tour exclusive, an unknown amount on black and an unknown amount pressed as a picture disc. The picture disc was also a tour exclusive, which was made available in the middle of the band’s first tour after Transgender Dysphoria Blues came out, and I believe after the blue/white swirl tour copies sold out. You can make the case that the picture disc is a second pressing. There is also a UK pressing as well, which is distributed by Xtra Mile Recordings. The UK pressing is on blue/white swirl vinyl. Other than the Xtra Mile Recordings logo on the back of the jacket I’m not sure of any other differences with the U.S. blue/white swirl pressing. Odds are there are different bar codes and matrix numbers though.

In June 2014 it became known there would be a second pressing of the album, for no real reason in conventional terms. The second pressing of Transgender Dysphoria Blue is part of a series of records being pressed on pink vinyl in support of breast cancer, which will all be released in Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).


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