Midtown – Forget What You Know (1st Press)

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Vinyl

Midtown’s final album, Forget What You Know, was finally pressed on vinyl by I Surrender Records, which by no coincidence is run by former Midtown drummer Rob Hitt. Forget What You Know was largely forgotten as it strayed greatly from Midtown’s two previous albums. It’s not the same sound as their pop punk Drive Thru days, which turned off a lot of people. Personally I think this is Midtown’s best album.

Forget What You Know was pressed on two colors, white and half green/half clear, each limited to 500 copies a piece. White is exclusive to the I Surrender Records web store, with a few copies being sold at the band’s reunion show in Brooklyn back in May 2014. Everywhere else selling copies of the album on vinyl will have the half green/half clear split. The color choices for this record are completely random, and I’m willing to bet the pressing plant gave the label a good deal on these colors, which is why they went with them.

The records come in agatefold jacket and include a fold out insert, with the lyrics and liner notes on one side with promo shots of the band on the other. One nice touch, well perfect touch really, is that the album is divided up into the four separate acts properly, something you don’t get with the CD version. Act I – “Armageddon, Motherf*ckers” is on side A, Act II – “God Is Dead” is on side B, Act III – “The Tragedy Of The Human Condition” is on side C and Act IV – “Help Me Sleep” is on side D. The center labels of each record also read what act each side is as well.


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