Blink-182 – Greatest Hits (1st Press)

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Vinyl
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The lone Blink-182 album not to get pressed on vinyl, their Greatest Hits album was released on the format in June 2014. It was pressed as a double LP on clear with black and silver splatter, which was limited to 3000 copies. It’s a Hot Topic exclusive, not a Hot Topic release as many morons still tend to believe. Hot Topic is NOT a label kiddies. This is also part of what those same morons anointed the “splatter series” of Blink-182 records that Hot Topic has been selling. As if there couldn’t be a more obvious way of duping morons out of money, Universal and Hot Topic are catering to kids who buy records for all the wrong reasons, which is leading to the dramatic rise in prices.

To further illustrate my point, one person who owns this record weighs all his records for absolutely no reason! He weighed his copy of the album and posted pictures of the scale’s reading as proof one LP weighed dramatically more than the other after multiple people complained about the weight difference on a message board. For the record, no pun intended, there is no weight difference with my copy of this record. So it’s probably not a widespread issue and it definitely does not affect every copy. Since I own other Universal releases from this latest batch of re-presses and new pressings, one of which (Fall Out Boy – Infinity On High 2nd pressing) has a weight difference between LP’s, there is a quality control issue and/or pressing error at whatever cheap plant Universal is using for their records.

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