Day At The Fair – Lathe Cut 7″

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Vinyl

Along with The Rocking Chair Years, Broken Heart Records decided to release a lathe cut with two previously unreleased Day At The Fair songs, “Broken” and “Ghost Stories.” Initially this lathe cut was only available in two different bundles that included all three variants or all three variants and a test press of The Rocking Chair Years, but almost a year after the record’s release the label put up the remaining lathe cuts for sale individually. There were only 60 lathe cuts made.

These 7” lathe cuts are cut into a square from clear plastic, which is much like plexi glass. Lathe cuts are not like a typical vinyl record, they’re not made of the same material and they are not manufactured in the same manner. They also sound slightly different, worse generally, but not bad enough to make you want to never buy one or listen to one again. For the sake of space and my sanity, you can read all about lathe cuts here – – which is coincidentally the place that made these Day At The Fair lathe cuts.Day At The Fair - Lathe Cut - Copy


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