Say Anything – Hebrews

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Vinyl

“Say Anything’s” latest album, Hebrews was released in spring 2014. I say “Say Anything” because it’s solely Max Bemis on this album; he wrote and played everything with very miniscule exceptions here and there (mainly guest vocalists writing their own lyrics). Hebrews is not a true Say Anything record in my opinion, it Max should’ve just released under his own name. It’s not like he’s against having his name in lights anymore as he has side projects with his name in the band’s name.

Hebrews was pressed on three different colors with each of them being exclusive to certain retailers; blue limited to 1300 copies, maroon limited to 1000 copies and beige limited to 700 copies. Blue was exclusive to Equal Vision’s webstore, beige was a Hot Topic exclusive and maroon is a retail (everywhere except Hot Topic) exclusive. There is a sticker on every copy denoting the color. A download card is included with the record.

It should be noted that $hit Topic charged $7.50 more (before shipping if you opt for that method) than Equal Vision charged for their variant, and $4.50 more than what most record stores and other online distros charged. I try to stay away from $hit Topic when I can, but in this case I was able to use a coupon that took $10 off my order, so I was able to get this album for about $14 after taxes and using their ship to store method, which is free. With record prices going through the roof of late with everybody trying to cash in on the vinyl craze, my wallet is now the ultimate decider on where I buy from more than ever. My advice is to shop around on this album is color and/or rarity is not your main concern; $hit Topic charges $22.50 (before shipping and taxes), Equal Vision charges $15 (before shipping) and most other retailers (maroon vinyl) are charging around $18 (before shipping or taxes).


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