Finch – Say Hello To Sunshine

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Vinyl

After years of waiting, Finch’s second album, Say Hello To Sunshine, was finally pressed on vinyl in 2014. Prior to its pressing it seemed to be one of the few albums a good chunk of people wanted on vinyl, with plenty of people clamoring for it whenever a discussion about what album(s) do you want pressed took place.

Say Hello To Sunshine was released on vinyl by Shit Radio Cast, and to my utter shock and disbelief did not see a delay, in fact they shipped ahead of the release date. In my take on things, $hit Radio Cast, sensing not many people were buying their releases directly from them, sent a large portion of the pressing to other distributors. It was a well hidden secret for about a year, that you could in fact not directly support such a terrible company. Places like Amazon now carry a good chunk of SRCvinyl titles. My local record store is now able to carry some of their titles too. There is, unfortunately, a drawback to not buying SRCvinyl stuff directly from SRC; the prices from other distros is usually higher than directly from SRC. That used to not be the case, but again in my take on things, SRC realized they weren’t making money on their releases because they simply weren’t selling, so they jacked up the wholesale price to try to recoup as much as they could. On top of the already ridiculously high prices SRC themselves charge to take advantage of the vinyl craze, other distributors now need to charge more themselves. I used to be able to buy SRCvinyl releases from other distros for the same price as buying directly from SRC, without using a discount code.

The album was pressed on two colors, yellow limited to 500 copies and blue limited to 1000 copies. Yellow is exclusive to SRC, and it has yet to sell out. The blue copies, which came out more grey than blue, are available from everywhere selling this, including SRC. SRC is charging $30 for this double LP album before shipping.

The album comes in a gatefold jacket with a matte finish. Also included is a fold out insert with the lyrics printed on one side. The artwork inside the gatefold and the insert itself are duplicated from the CD booklet. Two bonus tracks are included on the vinyl version, which were originally overseas release exclusives. The UK exclusive bonus track “Gak 2” and Japanese exclusive bonus track “Spanish Fly” are tacked on to the end of the U.S. release album. Those two bonus tracks are the last two tracks on Side D. The album also received SRC’s “HiFi” treatment, indicated by a sticker on the poly sleeve the album comes in. All that means is that the album was re-mastered for vinyl instead of just using the CD master to press the records.


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