Finch – What It Is To Burn X Live

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Vinyl

In 2013/2014 Finch jumped on two bandwagons; going on tour for an album’s 10th anniversary and releasing a live album. For the band’s first album, What It Is To Burn, the at the time defunct band did a lengthy 10th anniversary tour with stops all over the country. Shortly after those shows it was announced a live version of the album would be released, which was recorded at one of or a combination of shows from the band four appearances at The Glasshouse in Pomona, CA. The album was delayed for a few months, with the vinyl version being delayed even longer than its CD/DVD counterpart.

The pre-order for What It Is To Burn X Live (yes that is the title) was launched in October 2013 with the record slated to come out in January 2014, but they did not start shipping until March 2014 (CD/DVD was pushed back to the end of February 2014). There was also some confusion about the details of the pressing. It was originally listed as a single LP but somewhere along the line the geniuses behind the release realized it was impossible for the album to fit on a single LP, so it was hastily changed to be a double LP. I say hastily because there are glaring errors with the pressing, revolving around the track listing.

First off, the jackets clearly have the layout for a single LP track listing, as there are only Side A and Side B listed. The break down for each side of the double LP set is not listed out on the back of the jacket. It is however listed out, but improperly, on the center label of each LP. I say improperly because the song “Worms Of The Earth” is listed as the first track on Side D, but the song “New Kid” is the first track. The order of those two songs, “Worms Of The Earth” and “New Kid” is reversed. This error appears on the back of the jacket as well/

Pressing info was never released. To date the live album has only been pressed on white vinyl, with the total amount unknown. A download code is not included with the album, which is pathetic in this day and age.


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