RX Bandits – Gemini, Her Majesty

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Vinyl
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After a brief breakup RX Bandits are back with their sixth studio album, titled Gemini, Her Majesty. In my opinion it’s a far better album than their previous effort, Mandala, with the sound going back towards what can be heard on …And The Battle Begun. This album shows RX Bandits can make a seamless transition to a horn-less band. Yes, I know Mandala was their first album with a horn section, but on this latest album the band perfects their sound without horns.

Gemini, Her Majesty was pressed on orange vinyl as a double 10”. There are some marbling effects in the vinyl as well. It comes housed in a gatefold jacket with no substantial liner notes or lyrics printed inside. An insert is not included, so those hoping there would be lyric sheet somewhere will be disappointed, but that by no means should discourage anyone from buying this album. The biggest incentive to buy the album on vinyl is that it was properly mixed and mastered for vinyl. This record was properly down and sounds fantastic. It’s not a CD master, or even worse, straight up digital files, thrown on a record. The record also comes with a download card, but it’s for terrible quality 192 kbps MP3’s. It’s a shame, and utterly pathetic, that the proper download you get with a record is lesser quality than what you can get through illegal download channels. I blame INgrooves, the distributor for the digital portion, for this MP3 quality issue. I have another INgrooves distributed title, and it comes with the same terrible 192 kbps MP3’s with the download card.

No word on pressing info, but expect this to quietly go OOP like all of the band’s previous albums. If you don’t want to pay around $100 for this album on vinyl, buy it now before it’s too late.

The band did a Pledge Music campaign for their pre-orders of the album. Unfortunately you would have paid more for the album had you pledged than you would have if you bought the album anywhere else. Pledgers did not receive anything significant or exclusive (exclusive variant) if they pledged to the campaign. Some people complained about the price difference and the fact there were no exclusives. If you pledged it was sort of a kick to the gut or slap to the face, whichever you prefer. Unless you feel happy about helping the band record and release the album, funding they may or may not have actually needed. I’m one of the biggest RX Bandits fans out there, and I have some qualms with the pricing structure; it’s a $10 difference between the pledge amount and what it would cost if you buy it elsewhere. Apparently the pledge stuff was also late going out



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