No Devotion – Stay b/w Eyeshadow 12″

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Vinyl
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Geoff Rickley is keeping busy post Thursday, as he created his own label, reignited the flames of United Nations with a new album and created another new band; No Devotion. The band also features ex Lost Prophets members.No Devotion is a huge departure from Rickley’s MO, it’s the poppiest thing he has ever done. But even so, it still has a heavier and darker side. Think The Cure meets Depeche Mode.

The Stay b/w Eyeshadow 12” single is the band’s first release, and first release of Rickley’s label, Collect Records. There are several variants for it, which is over doing it in my opinion. There is no reason why a single should have variants, with the exception of overseas pressings/variants. There are 3000 total copies for Stay b/w Eyeshadow, which are split amongst four variants. First there are 400 copies pressed on black and white vinyl, which is exclusive to Collect Records. There are 700 copies on “blush” vinyl, which is a UK exclusive color. There are 900 copies on white, which is a U.S. exclusive and lastly there are 1,000 copies on black vinyl, with no word on where you can buy them. I haven’t even seen anyone claiming to have a copy on black vinyl or pictures of it. Maybe it will become available after the colored variants sell out.

I bought my copy from Amazon with no idea what color I would get. I received it on white, which was a bit of a surprise as I expected it to be on black vinyl, the least limited variant. Since some of the variants are a vague description rather than a straight up color, here is what each one actually looks like. The “blush” UK exclusive is light pink vinyl and the black and white Collect records exclusive is half black/half white.

The record comes in a die cut sleeve, like many singles from the early 90’s on back. But rather than the die cut circle being on the front of the jacket, or front and back, on the Stay b/w Eyeshadow single thediecut is solely on the back. Rather than a paper dust sleeve, a printed dust sleeve on thick card stock is included. The dust sleeve is a stock Collect Records sleeve.


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