Toh Kay/Sycamore Smith – You By Me Vol. 2

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Vinyl
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The second volume is what could turn out to be a long series of releases featuring Toh Kay and another artist covering each other’s songs, was released in mid August 2014. You By Me Vol. 2 features Toh Kay along with Sycamore Smith, with each contributing three songs. This volume was pressed on black vinyl, with an unknown amount pressed. All copies come with a download card and rather than an insert, a printed dust sleeve is included.

All the volumes in this series have been released on Tomas Kalnocky’s label, Pentimento Music Group. I can’t see any reason why future volumes, should they materialize, would not be released by Pentimento. Volume 2 has Toh Kay covering, in order; “Shantanilly Town,” “The Man With The Skeleton Arms” and “Hokum All Ye Faithful. Sycamore Smith covers “The Hand That Thieves,” “Would You Be Impressed?” and “A Better Place, A Better Time.”

Vol. 1 of this series is also on vinyl, but so far it’s only available fromPentimento. Vol. 2 however, seems to be widely available, with places the likes of Amazon selling copies. I would have picked up Vol. 1, but after shipping it’s just too expensive, especially when you compare it to Vol. 2.


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