My Chemical Romance – Conventional Weapons Box Set ( Volumes 1-5)

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Vinyl

The Conventional Weapons set is a series of five 7” records that come out over a period of time. It was supposed to be one every month or so, and there were several options you could pick when going to buy this, mainly buying online. Option one was a box set containing all five records plus an exclusive poster, which would should all at once after the final record in the series was released. You could opt for buying all five records together outside of the box set that would ship all at once after the final record in the series was released, or you could buy all five records together and have each record shipped to you upon its respective release date, of course paying shipping multiple times for each shipment. You could also buy all five records in the set all together outside of the box set, but wait for the final record to be released and have the entire set shipped to you at that point in one shipment. Lastly, you could buy each individual 7” in the set on its own at your local record store, or from select online distros, which were mainly $hit Radio Cast and Interpunk.

All of the records in the set are on different colored vinyl with a large center hole. Each record also has different cover art, which is one of various weapons, but each maintains a common theme in the artwork. Each record comes with its own download card, even if you bought the box set. However, some of the records were missing the download card. This was a common problem, and my copy of Volume 4 in the set was missing the download card.

Volume 1 is on orange vinyl and has a hand gun on the cover. This is the most valuable record in the set, and can fetch upwards of $50 on ebay at this point. Volume 2 is on red vinyl and has a knife on the cover. Volume 3 is on blue vinyl and has an Uzi machine gun on the cover. Volume 4 is on green vinyl and has interlocking axes on the cover. Volume 5 is on white vinyl and has a grenade on the cover. All the records are pressed on translucent vinyl except for Volume 5, which is on white vinyl.

The poster is a huge foldout poster, which features a human target, like ones that used to be utilized at most public gun ranges. The box is more of a slip case than a true box.


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