Taking Back Sunday/The Used – Split 10″

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Vinyl
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To coincide with their co-headlining tour, Taking Back Sunday and The Used released a split 10” featuring two songs from each band. Taking Back Sunday has two previously released b-sides on this, “Flicker, Fade” and “How I Met Your Mother” from the album Happiness Is. Both of those TBS songs were released on the Flicker, Fade 7” that was released alongside Happiness Is. Since I’m not a fan of The Used I don’t know any info about their songs on this 10”

There seems to be some confusion about the pressing info for this record. Copies are being sold on the bands’ tour, but it’s not a true tour exclusive variant, even though it is being billed as such, as hundreds of copies were sold online. This “tour exclusive” variant is half black/half blue. Hopeless Records’ webstore was selling copies of it, 300 to be exact. Because of that 300 number being advertised, people are falsely believing this half black/half blue is limited to 300 copies. Think about it people, there has to be far more than 300 copies of that variant if copies are also being sold on tour. There are 500 copies of the half black/half blue pressed, which is straight from my contact at Hopeless Records.

On top of the half black/half blue copies, there are also 500 copies on black vinyl. Again, pressing info is straight from Hopeless Records. Black vinyl is the standard, widely available variant for this split 10”. Regardless of which variant you get, the b-side features an etching of both band’s current logo. For Taking Back Sunday it is the panther they have been using lately and for The Used it is their heart logo. The 10” comes in a picture disc sleeve with a sticker on the back of the sleeve, which is odd.

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