V/A – A Comp For Mom

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Vinyl
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In April of 2014 No Sleep Records founder, Chris Hansen, suffered the loss of his mother. Hansen decided to release a tribute comp in her memory, which raised funds for – and helped to cover some of the expenses incurred after her passing.

The comp features all previously unreleased songs from many bands on No Sleep’s roster, including Sainthood Reps, – There are 250 copies on red with crème splatter, 750 copies on red and 75 copies on red with clear splatter, which is a friends press. The comp is on the pricey side, in my opinion, $20 before shipping, regardless of any reason(s) behind the comp, so I held off on buying it at first, well at least pre-ordering it. The red with crème splatter sold out in a few weeks if not days, at this point I don’t remember. I bought the comp in August, – months after its release and there were still plenty of red copies left.

The comp is pretty bare bones, especially when you consider the price, again regardless of reason(s) behind the comp, and consider the price up against every other No Sleep release to date. It’s just a record in a standard jacket; no insert, no gatefold jacket, absolutely no frills.VA - A Comp For Mom - Copy


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