Say Anything/Matt Pryor – Daytrotter Session Split

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Vinyl
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Daytrotter keeps churning out overpriced vinyl releases of their sessions, whether it’s trying to con people into subscribing to their service or gouging people who choose to not subscribe. Fake Problems did a Daytrotter Session which saw a vinyl release, which was a split with Cursive. Officially this is a Cursive/Fake Problems split, but I don’t collect or even listen to Cursive, to I count this towards my Fake Problems collection so I lead in with them.

I do not know how many copies were pressed. But in typical Daytrotter fashion this was only pressed on 180 gram black vinyl. This comes in a jacket that has a cardboard/chipboard color and feel inside, while some later Daytrotter release comes with a white backing inside with a slightly glossy finish, which is what most single pocket jackets are like.

Here is the track listing:

Side A (Say Anything/Max Bemis)

  1. Burn A Miracle
  2. Belt
  3. Say Anything
  4. Walk Through Hell


Side B (Matt Pryor)

  1. Polish The Broken Glass
  2. Dear Lover
  3. Hover Near Flame
  4. If I Wear A Disguise.


Since Daytrotter overcharges for this, there is finally an alternative option to buy the Daytrotter vinyl releases, Wolfgang’s Vault ( But they also overcharge a bit, but not nearly as much as Daytrotter themselves. They often run sales, which equate to pretty much half off all Daytrotter releases. Wolfgang’s Vault overcharges; overcharge is putting it mildly, they rape your wallet on shipping charges, charging $9.50 for shipping per order. That shipping rate is flat rate per order though, at least for orders containing only vinyl, so if you order multiple records it works out more in your favor, which is what I did. To add further insult to injury, kicking you while you’re down, rubbing dirt in your face or any other saying you can conjure up, the shipping is for USPS media mail, even though Wolfgang’s Vault misleads you into thinking they are shipping your order via UPS.

For everyone ordering stuff from Wolfgang’s Vault and runs into this shipping BS, I advise calling up your credit card company/bank and trying to get some money back in regards to the blatant shipping overcharge. I went this route after emailing Wolfgang’s Vault complaining about the shipping charges and the fact they purposely mislead you with UPS tracking/shipping notice and getting nothing but utter disdain and contempt. I would’ve been happy if my order actually shipped UPS for $9.50, but it didn’t. It went media mail, which we all know is the cheapest method to ship records, with an actual cost for my order of $3.17. Tack on the mailing supply cost (especially considering they don’t use any cardboard inserts or bubble wrap) and whatever they pay employees to pack order and there is still no way it would cost anywhere close to $9.50

Now I’m not greedy and didn’t expect a full refund, only partial due to the blatant rip off after directly contacting Wolfgang’s Vault (to no avail). But my credit card company, after listening to my case and looking at all the evidence I sent in, refunded my entire order price in full, and I was told they would investigate further into Wolfgang’s Vault for fraud. How much of that investigation story would actually be true, who knows. All I care about was I didn’t get ripped off and stuck it to the man, sort of.


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