Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Hypnotic Eye (Regular & Deluxe Editions)

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Vinyl
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Tom Petty And The Heartbreaker’s latest album, Hypnotic Eye, received a standard and deluxe edition. There are many difference between the two, with some being minor and others being major.

I picked up the standard version from Amazon for $11 and free shipping after making a qualifying order with a total over xx amount (the regular edition normally retails for around $20. It’s pressed as a single LP on standard weight black vinyl and as you’d expect is the studio album. The standard version comes housed in a gatefold jacket and includes a download card for high quality MP3’s. One thing to note if you want to easily tell the difference between the standard and deluxe edition without actually holding them in your hands, the standard version has a red sticker on the cover and the deluxe edition has a green sticker. The stickers are similar in size and wording, save for a few key words.

The deluxe edition is pressed as a double LP on 180 gram black vinyl. As stated earlier the cost is extortionate, coming in at $52 before shipping from Tom Petty’s website, the only place to order it. Since the album is on the shorter side, the double LP deluxe edition only utilizes three of the four sides, so one of the unique draws of the deluxe edition is an etched d-side. The etching is inspired by the album artwork and title, wait for it… a hypnotic eye! Along with the etching, the biggest draw with the deluxe edition is an exclusive bonus track/b-side, which can only be found on this version of the album. This bonus track is “Playing Dumb.” The deluxe edition also comes with a download code for high quality MP3’s, including the bonus track. An important note about the bonus track is that its mixed in before the final track on the standard album, so it comes as track 11 and not 12. So on the deluxe edition has “Playing Dumb” as track 11 and “Shadow People” as track 12. On the regular edition and standard audio album “Shadow People” is the track 11.

Some other minor differences between the two versions is that the fold out insert for the deluxe edition obviously has an extra track listed on it. On top of that extra track though, the song titles are in different colors on the deluxe edition insert compared to the regular edition, as purple and black are mixed in with the only two colors found on the regular edition, red and green. The jackets between the two versions are also different. While both being gatefolds, the jacket with the deluxe edition is much thicker and more heavy-duty compared to its regular edition counterpart.


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