V/A – Godzilla The Album

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Vinyl
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This is one of the few soundtracks released on vinyl that Foo Fighters appear on. The soundtrack to the 1998 Godzilla movie starring Mathew Broderick is entitled Godzilla The Album, and was pressed as a double LP on neon green vinyl. It was released in the Netherlands on Epic Records. Even though this was a Dutch release, most copies up for sale on the secondary market are being sold from Japan. No word on how many copies were pressed, but this soundtrack is long OOP and goes for an average of $30. All copies come in a gatefold jacket, which is very thin, and the jacket has a hype sticker affixed to the cover.

Along with featuring an exclusive, brand new (at the time of release) Foo Fighters song entitled “A320,”, this soundtrack also features songs by Green Day, Silverchair, Wallflowers, Rage Against The Machine, Fuel and Ben Folds Five. But most people will remember this soundtrack for the horrendous and down right offensive (at least in my mind) sample of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” Puff Daddy used on his song “Come With Me.”

The main reason I wanted this comp was for the Foo Fighters and Green Day songs, as they are both exclusive to this comp, and even if they weren’t I would need this record to complete those collections. As mentioned above the Foo Fighters song is “A320” and the Green Day song is a remix version of “Brain Stew,” which is appropriately titled “Brain Stew (Godzilla Remix).”


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