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To accompany Hope, Manchester Orchestra released a 7″ that would be included free with anyone purchase of the album at select indie record stores in the USA. The 7″ is entitled The AltNation Sessions and features two songs, one on each side. All copies were pressed on black vinyl, and pressing info will likely never be released since the 7″ is a promo.

The songs featured are “Top Notch” on the A-side and “Bananas” on the B-side. “Bananas” is an exclusive b-side only found on this 7″. The songs were recorded for satellite radio (Sirius) station/show Alt Nation way back in 2011.

Manchester Orchestra - The AltNation Sessions - Copy


Manchester Orchestra – Hope

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl

A companion piece to Cope, Hope is a stripped down acoustic version released by Manchester Orchestra on vinyl in November 2014. I don’t know how many copies were pressed, but all copies were pressed on 180 gram black vinyl. All copies come with a huge foldout poster for an insert, which has the full lyrics printed on one side and artwork on the opposite side. All copie also come with a download card.

The vinyl version of Hope saw some delays and was not available at the time of the album’s initial street date. As an added bonus, if you bought the album from select indie record stores you received a free bonus 7″. I’ve written about that 7″, which can be found here:

Fall Out Boy – Immortals 7″

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl

Fall Out Boy recorded a song for the 2014 Disney film Big Hero 6 entitled “Immortals.” The song received a 7″ single pressed as a picture disc. Initially the 7″ was only available through an exclusive package deal directly from Disney that also included the film’s soundtrack on CD. A few months after the pre-order went up the 7″ became available individually from Amazon, and shortly after a few other distros started carrying it. I picked this up from my local record store for free as part of a Christmas promotion for valued customers (I’ve spent at least $3,000 there the past few years). Supposedly this single/soundtrack version is different from the version going on Fall Out Boy’s upcoming new album American Beauty/American Psycho, so for those thinking I won’t have to buy this 7″ solely because it will be on the full length, you be wrong.

I don’t know how many copies were pressed, but it’s easily a couple thousand seeing as it’s Disney related. All copies were pressed as a picture disc and come in a picture disc sleeve with a sticker on the front denoting what the release is. Some places have this 7″ listed as a single sided 7″, but that is not completely accurate. While it has only one song on the record, it appears on both sides, so it’s not a true single sided record. Had there only been audio on one side of the record then it should be called a single sided record.

Retail on this 7″ is $10, and you won’t find this cheaper anywhere (minus purposely cheap to drive up sales online distros where shipping will bump it close to $10) for at least a few months, depending on how fast these move. I know next to nothing about Big Hero 6, but I think one side of the picture disc is the creature/animal/robot/thing from the movie’s face, whatever is not the person, and the other side is simply the title of the film printed on a red background.




2014 saw a legitimate Blink-182 re-press, finally. Mixed in with the completely unnecessary and pure cash grab splatter re-presses of all of Blink’s albums, was a re-press of the split 7″ with Swindle entitled Lemmings/Going Nowhere. People always forget that this is in fact a split 7″ and features a, additional band other than solely Blink-182 and additional songs other than just “Lemmings.” The classic 7″ that has been OOP for almost 20 years, was re-pressed on three different colors; yellow/”gold”, blue and red. The first press was only done on two colors; yellow and black.

As far as I can tell the first press and second press are practically identical visually. They have the same track listing, obviously, since it’s a re-press and not a re-issue, but I can’t do a sound comparison because I don’t and likely never will buy, a first pressing. Both jackets/sleeves are a half fold, which when unfolded reveal the same artwork. I’m not sure if the material used for the jacket/sleeve is the same between both pressings. The second press is made of card stock, but I believe the first press is made of glossy paper. I’ve never seen a first pressing in person.

No word on pressing info for the second pressing, nor official pressing info for the first pressing. The yellow copies from the first pressing are rumored to be limited to 300 or 500 copies. Grilled Cheese Records was not the foremost when it came to releasing pressing info. They’ve done multiple pressings of the They Came To Conquer Uranus 7″ at this point and have yet to release pressing info for any of them, and now two pressings of the Lemmings Split 7″ and haven’t released info for it either.

Another South Park 7″ was released for a Record Store Day (RSD) event, this time for 2014’s Black Friday RSD. Once again, the 7″ is a picture disc, but with a lot more copies pressed than the previous South Park 7″. Instead of 2000 copies like they did with the San Diego b/w Gay Fish 7″, 2500 copies were pressed of this new 7″, entitled James Cameron b/w My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit. Something like this is the only acceptable release to press as a picture disc, as an animated show going the route of a picture disc is more than fitting.

This 7″ comes housed in a picture disc sleeve with a sticker on the front. It’s not really a hype sticker, it’s simply something that denotes what the release it. The a-side, “James Cameron,” is taken from the ninth episode of season 16 entitled “Raising The Bar.” The b-side, “My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit” is taken from the 10th episode of season 17 entitled “The Hobbit.” The Kanye West theme is obviously running through both of these South Park releases, but unfortunately that theme will likely come to an end as there have only been these two songs done revolving around Kanye West.

Against Me! – Daytrotter Sessions 7″

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl

Against Me!’s 2014 Black Friday Record Store Day (RSD) release is one of the first Daytrotter Sessions to be released and sold outside of Daytrotter’s clutches. The 7″ was released on Against Me!’s label, Total Treble, limited to 1500 copies on black vinyl. The recording is not a full band session, it’s only Laura Jane Grace and Atom Willard.

The 7″ features four songs, “500 Years” and “Two Coffins” on the a-side and “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” and “Pretty Girls” on the b-side. A download code is not include with this release, which is very unfortunate.

Against Me! - Daytrotter Session - Copy


Green Day – Tune In Tokyo

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl

Green Day, a band that has released something seemingly every Record Store Day (RSD) event, had yet another release for the 2014 Black Friday RSD event, this time a live album entitled Tune In Tokyo. Despite what the title suggests, not a single song on the album was recorded in Tokyo. It was recorded over several different nights and venues back in 2001 and features seven songs, most from the Warning era. All songs were recorded during March 2001 in the cities Fukuoka (Track 1), Sendai (Tracks 2,3,5,6,7) and Osaka (Track 4). This Black Friday RSD releases marks the first time the album was released outside of Japan, and re-released for the first time since 2001.

Even though this release was not listed under the “Record Store Day First” section of the official RSD release list, I got the impression Tune In Tokyo will be re-pressed/re-released or simply more variants that aren’t Black Friday RSD exclusives will pop up in the future. Based on the wording on the hype sticker on the front of the jacket, it makes it seem that this Black Friday RSD release is just on an exclusive color, which is blue limited to 5,000 copies, and is not strictly a Black Friday RSD exclusive.

An insert is included with this release, but it’s minimal and not really needed. Since this was a pricey release all things considered ($19), I’ll take a useless insert instead of not getting one for the same price, because I doubt a major label which drastically reduce the price of this if it didn’t have an insert. As has been typical with most Warner Bros. releases (Tune In Tokyo is a Reprise release, but Reprise is under the Warner umbrella) the past few years, instead of a standard paper dust sleeve they use a poly dust sleeve for this release, and not one of the good ones like Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs uses and sells either. A download card is also included but be careful when you redeem it, because if you’ve bought or redeemed another Warner Bros. release those MP3’s may appear in your cart instead of the proper Green Day album. If that scenario plays out for you simply fill out the help contact form with a short explanation as to what happened and included your download code and someone should help you out with the proper download link in 1-2 business days.

Here is the track listing for Tune In Tokyo:

  1. Church On Sunday
  2. Castaway
  3. Blood, Sex And Booze
  4. King For A Day
  5. Waiting
  6. Minority
  7. Macy’s Day Parade