The Birds Of Satan – s/t

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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Taylor Hawkins released a new album from one of his side projects, his cover band Chevy Metal, which was renamed The Birds Of Satan for this album. The Birds Of Satan are not to be confused with Taylor Hawkins & The Coattails Riders, which is a different and now defunct band. Hawkins, along with bassist Wiley Hodgden and guitarist Mick Murphy released their debut, self-titled album in April 2014 on Shanabelle Records. Dave Grohl and Pat Smear also make appearances on the album along with Foo Fighters keys player Rami Jaffee.

According to interviews Hawkins put together this album in about a week’s time. He was working on songs for a while but didn’t have a lot of time to record of nor a band to record it with as the Coattails riders went their separate ways. So the natural progression according to Hawkins was to ask his band mates in Chevy Metal if they were interested, and they were eager to record.

The Birds Of Satan was pressed on 180 gram black vinyl housed in a gatefold jacket. A download card is included, which leads to, get this, WAV files.  So you get access to the studio sourced digital files instead of converted and compressed MP3 files. No word on pressing info, but all copies were pressed on 180 gram black vinyl. Prices on this average out at around $20, but if you’re patient, shop around and take advantage of discount codes you can buy this for $12, like I did.


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