Third Eye Blind – s/t (2nd Press)

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Vinyl

Third Eye Blind re-pressed/pressed their entire catalog in 2013 and amongst the re-presses was their self-titled debut album, which has two variants based on the cover art. One variant was exclusive to the Third Eye Blind Vinyl Box Set released at the same time as the separate re-pressing/pressings, and the other was only available outside of the box set.

The box set version has the original album artwork, which is black and white or tan, as some people describe it. This was limited to 500 copies. The other variant, which this entry is being written about, has the red cover art, which was used a later releases of the CD version of the album. No word on how many copies with the red cover were pressed, but it took a while to sell out, especially considering how sought after and expensive copies of the band’s s/t album were at the time. Both cover variants were pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and have the same center labels. They also have the same insert.

In 2014, about one year after the re-pressing/pressings were first released, the band decided to put up the remaining copies of the box set, the s/t album and their sophomore album Blue that they saved, for whatever reason, for sale through their web store. The price remained the same as what it was the first time, which was a welcome relief in many people’s eyes, including mine, as I fully expected the band to jack up the price to try and squeeze every penny they could out of their fans as the band, Stephan Jenkins in particular, is notorious for jerking around their fans.

To date there have been three pressings of the s/t album, two done by the same label (original rights holders Elektra) and one done by Music On Vinyl (MOV), an overseas label synonymous with overpriced, but high quality releases. The pressing this entry is about is the second pressing done by Elektra, and second overall. The MOV pressing is the first and only pressing to date done on color vinyl, which is yellow 180g. The yellow MOV is limited to 1500 copies, all individually numbered. It’s assumed but not officially announced that MOV will also release copies on black vinyl after all the yellow copies have been sold. This black pressing won’t be a new pressing, it will just be a different variant out of the third overall pressing. Also, despite what the MOV website says, their pressing is the third pressing, not the first as they falsely claim.


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