Toh Kay/Dan P – You By Me Series Vol. 1

Posted: December 23, 2014 in Vinyl
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The first volume in the You By Me series, a series of records featuring Toh Kay and another artist covering each other’s songs, was released on vinyl in 2013, well after it was originally released back in 2010. It was pressed on black vinyl, and compared to Volume 2, has a much cheaper feel. While Volume 2 has a printed dust sleeve with lyrics and liner notes, Volume 1 is stuffed into a regular paper dust sleeve and does not come with an insert or anything of that sort with lyrics and liner notes. There is also no hype sticker on the cover of Volume 1 when there is one on the cover of Volume 2. A download code is included with Volume 1 though. I do not know how many copies were pressed, but I expect a couple thousand at the very least.

Volume 2 features Dan P (Dan Potthast) of MU330 fame. The first side of the record features Toh Kay, who covers (in order) “I’ve Set Sail,” “Downtown,” “I Went In,” “Tornado Joe” and “Got Through Another One.” Side 2 is all Dan P, who covers (in order) “A Moment Of Silence,” “Somewhere In The Between,” “Watch It Crash,” “We Will Fall Together” and The Big Sleep.”

For whatever reason the first volume of The You By Me series is not available from distros or record stores, it’s only available directly from the band/artist/label via their merch store: The Risc Store. This is despite the fact that Volume 2 is available from various distros and other online retailers, even though it, logically, came out after Volume 1.

Toh Kay - You By Me Vol. 1 - Copy


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