Blink-182/Swindle – Lemmings b/w Going Nowhere 7″

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl
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2014 saw a legitimate Blink-182 re-press, finally. Mixed in with the completely unnecessary and pure cash grab splatter re-presses of all of Blink’s albums, was a re-press of the split 7″ with Swindle entitled Lemmings/Going Nowhere. People always forget that this is in fact a split 7″ and features a, additional band other than solely Blink-182 and additional songs other than just “Lemmings.” The classic 7″ that has been OOP for almost 20 years, was re-pressed on three different colors; yellow/”gold”, blue and red. The first press was only done on two colors; yellow and black.

As far as I can tell the first press and second press are practically identical visually. They have the same track listing, obviously, since it’s a re-press and not a re-issue, but I can’t do a sound comparison because I don’t and likely never will buy, a first pressing. Both jackets/sleeves are a half fold, which when unfolded reveal the same artwork. I’m not sure if the material used for the jacket/sleeve is the same between both pressings. The second press is made of card stock, but I believe the first press is made of glossy paper. I’ve never seen a first pressing in person.

No word on pressing info for the second pressing, nor official pressing info for the first pressing. The yellow copies from the first pressing are rumored to be limited to 300 or 500 copies. Grilled Cheese Records was not the foremost when it came to releasing pressing info. They’ve done multiple pressings of the They Came To Conquer Uranus 7″ at this point and have yet to release pressing info for any of them, and now two pressings of the Lemmings Split 7″ and haven’t released info for it either.

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