Bush – Man On The Run

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Vinyl

In 2014 Bush released their second album after reuniting, entitled Man On The Run. It’s their longest album to date, and that fact works against the album. There are some great songs on the album, downright beautiful songs actually, but it’s simply way too long to be enjoyable. The issue with the length is not only how long the songs are, it’s how many songs there are combined with how long some of them are. Total run time is 50:41, with four songs clocking in over five minutes. There is not a single song under three minutes, with only two of the 14 songs under four minutes. Many people would rather have a longer album than a short one, but in Man On The Run’s case you find yourself tuning out about half way through the album due.

I do not know how many copies were pressed, and that info will likely never be released. But all copies were pressed as a double LP on black vinyl. To help release the album, Bush held a crowd funding project/pre-order through Pledgemusic leading up to the album’s release. Pledgemusic can be used as a Kickstarter type site, but in Bush’s case they used it to do direct pre-orders and offer exclusive, rare and overpriced merch as well. These extra goodies included MP3 downloads ($12) and CD’s ($14) of re-mastered versions of Bush nearly complete catalog (everything except Golden State), “The Only Way Out” CD single ($12, songs off Man On The Run), a live DVD ($20), a Everything Zen 7″ ($15, previously released and found on this blog here:), autographed (only by Gavin Rossdale) poster ($25), Euro import version of Sea Of Memories ($30), exclusive Pledemusic t-shirt ($30), autographed Sea Of Memories LP ($60, unautographed copies go for $20 from distros, and the band wanted $30 through this Pledgemusic campaign) and lastly handwritten (by Gavin Rossdale) lyrics (“The Only Way Out – $750), (song of your choice – $2,000) and (Glycerine – $2,000). All the extra goodies also included an “AccessPass” that entitled the buyer to exclusive updates and behind the scenes “access” to the making of the album, which was only videos of Gavin Rossdale talking about a particular song, audio sneak peeks and very brief written updates.

Bush wanted $30 for a copy of Man On The Run on vinyl through their exclusive pre-order, meanwhile if you had waited a few months to pre-order or buy the album from anywhere other than the band’s pre-order, you could save yourself at least $5. I bought this for $20 including shipping. They were also overcharging for their previous album, Sea Of Memories.


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